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Download Magic Leap 2 Developer Tools

The Magic Leap Hub

The Magic Leap Hub lets you install and manage Magic Leap tools, including the Magic Leap OS, SDK packages for native and Unity development, and an Application Simulator. You can also download code example packages to help you get started with building applications.

When you download and use The Magic Leap Hub, Magic Leap will collect analytics about how The Magic Leap Hub is used.

Magic Leap 2 Demo Content

To get you started, you can download these tech and concept demos. All demos run on Magic Leap Operating System 1.1.0 or higher. See instructions to  install apps onto your device  through The Magic Leap Hub.

AR Brochure
AR Brochure

The Augmented Reality Brochure highlights the power of AR by bringing a 2D presentation to life, while highlighting the strengths of our display technology. In addition to taking apart a Magic Leap 2 device, you can place various 3D assets into your space.

Download the "AR Brochure Demo Slides.pdf" companion file to this app, and view the pdf in full screen mode. This demo works best in combination with the slide presentation, but can also be run in "Standalone" mode with all digital content.

DownloadDownload .pdf file
Leap Brush
Leap Brush

Unleash your creativity with Leap Brush! Experience the magic of AR drawing with our AR Cloud showcase and reference application. Leap Brush demonstrates Magic Leap 2’s capabilities to position itself into a previously mapped space. Drawings and objects will persist over time.


The Wildfire demo serves as an example for a portable command center application, and is a showcase of the art of the possible. Multiple users - each with a headset - can view the same data at the same time, and use it to inform their decisions on how to navigate and battle a spreading wildfire.

Spatial Audio

The Spatial Audio demo demonstrates the advantages of using spatialized sounds and voices in XR applications. With spatial audio, environments can influence the characteristics of sound, and we can even use sound to draw a user’s attention.

3D Assets for Magic Leap 2

Unity-ready 3D Models

Download Unity-ready 3D models of the Magic Leap 2 Headset, Compute Pack and Controller, including in .fbx, .blend, .obj, .gltf, .usdc, .mtl, and .glb file formats, and more.

3D CAD Models

Download 3D CAD models of the Magic Leap 2 Headset, Compute Pack and Controller in .stp file format.